About Us

Just a bit of our history.


The Coffee Scene has been a popular Fayetteville gathering spot since its opening in 1996. From college students cramming for midterms to poets and musicians pouring their hearts out at weekly open mic nights — this is a place that allows for concentration and relaxation, business and arts. Now, it has become a popular gathering spot in Fayetteville, Fort Bragg and Cameron.

On Morganton Road, The Coffee Scene’s unique two-story structure creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for its many customers. Large, comfy couches on the first floor allow you to relax and enjoy personal conversations or group discussions. Or, you may choose to perch solo on high bar stools around tall, small circular tables. You can also enjoy your latte or coffee outside in an enclosed front porch area. A whimsical, black spiral staircase leads up to the second floor, where movable tables allow for meetings of two to eight people, and coffee tables next to couches create the perfect environment for anyone who has work to do late afternoon or evening.

Owners Kiki Manis, Peter Manis, and Victoria Stout are proud of the business and culture they have created. Together, they understand that good coffee is best paired with good company — along with gelato, baklava and excellent customer service. Sundays are poetry nights, Monday nights feature acoustic music and Tuesdays and Saturdays offer buy one, get one free gelato. You should make the scene at The Coffee Scene.